Health Implications of Internet Overuse

Health Implications of Internet Overuse

The internet is now a part and parcel of the personal and professional lives of people. The upsurge in the use of the internet can be ascertained by the millions of users who spend their time online every day. The high internet use has raised questions of addiction which attracts several health implications. Ordinarily, it is not easy for an individual to accept that they are addicted to the internet especially if they use it for entertainment purposes. However, it is possible for one to be doing something constructive only to be distracted by a simple online game or an entertaining video. What then are the health issues that come with addiction to the internet?

For starters, excessive use of the internet leads to adoption of a sedentary lifestyle which translates to excess weight gain and allocation of little time for physical exercises. Some of the health problems associated with being overweight includes breathing problems, high blood pressure, certain types of cancers and other chronic illnesses. Other physical problems that accompany internet addiction include frequent headaches, back aches and dry eyes.

Excessive use of the internet has been linked to depression. Studies indicate that people who depict signs of internet addiction are more likely to visit sites dedicated to adult content, games and chat rooms when compared to the normal population. Most internet addicts often prioritize these sites and tend to forget the real-life interactions with friends and family. These tendencies lead to depression because the person is always in competition with online peers who may be posting false information about themselves.

Internet overuse is also known to cause sleeping problems. Ordinarily, people use the internet till late at night. These people sleep less comfortably and for few hours which interferes with their productivity at work or school.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise responsible internet use.

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