Four New Zealand Necklace Bone Styles

Four New Zealand Necklace Bone Styles

Four New Zealand Necklace Bone Styles

New Zealand necklace bones come in many different shapes and sizes. Finding the one you want to wear because you think it looks cool or has significant value for you is essential. It can lead to many different fashion statements or say a lot about you. Knowing the difference between each kind and recognising them when other people wear them can make you more social and appear more knowledgeable on the subject of New Zealand necklace bones and give you a topic of conversation when trying to meet new people.

The New Zealand necklace bone is based on ancient Maori history. Since pre-European Maori didn’t have a written language, historians have to turn to art to understand the history of the Maori people. Art styles from the Maori people can be seen in basket-weaving, cloth designs, complex wood carving, bone carvings, jade carvings as well as shell carvings. Wearing these styles of necklace and carvings is seen as a sign of respect for nature and also for the history of the Maori people and their gods. Many carvings interact with one another to tell a story, combining several pieces of Maori mythology and can create very beautiful and elegant designs that you can wear around your neck.


Contemporary, or modern, New Zealand necklace bone style necklaces are very clean and modern looking. Their designs typically reflect things that you wouldn’t have seen a few hundred years ago and are designed for young people. Their decoration combines traditional necklace bone styles as well as throwing in some contemporary designs to give you a very unique look.


The Koru design, often interpreted as spirals, is representative of the fern frond as it brings new life by spiraling out of the ground, bringing purity into the world. It is often given as a sign of new beginnings, as well as representing tranquility, spirituality, and peace. When the design shows two things being intertwined and locked together, it shows a sign of the purity, strength and love of a relationship. Giving a Koru style New Zealand necklace bone to someone shows them that you love them and are typically given to someone that you find very special in your life.

Matau/Fish Hook Style

The Matau style of New Zealand necklace bone are given to those who travel the waters and for those on land to wish them a safe trip across the seas. They are given as good luck charms. The symbols portrayed in a Matau style are symbols of authority and power, which is highly respected in the Maori community. The bone carvings have a very special feel to them, blending into your body and taking on a part of your spirit.


The Pikorua style of New Zealand necklace bone is representative of the many paths of life. Typically given to show signs that you would like to spend eternity with someone that you love. The symbolism is that each path starts out, then gets twisted with another path, and this path can be seen as twisting and turning, seemingly going on forever. Pikorua style necklace bones that show two or more paths can show that when you are with that person, not only are you two connected for eternity but so are your cultures.

There are many more different styles of New Zealand necklace bones, and finding the right one for your loved one can be very easy. There is one for any kind of relationship and can be symbolic of whatever hardships you are going through and can be given as a sign of love, luck, and respect.

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