Comparing Shower Heads

Comparing Shower Heads

Comparing Shower Heads

One of the best ways to make your bathroom feel more practical and stylish is by upgrading the head of your shower. New fittings like having a good shower slider can make a huge difference to your bathroom and can improve the utility of your space. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom on a budget then this is a great way to revitalise your space. So, what is right for you and your bathroom. Here are a few things you should consider.

Ceiling mounted fittings

Top-mounted or ceiling mounted fittings are very popular. As you might guess from their name, they are installed into your ceiling and will spray you with water directly from above. This style of fitting is often known as a ‘rainfall’ head as it feels a bit like being rained on from above.  Rainfall heads can be very nice luxury fittings that are great for providing an amazing, relaxing experience. Rainfall heads are not always ceiling mounted but are generally rigged to sit up high to mimic the feeling of standing under the rain.

Shower slider

A shower slider as you might guess is not fixed in place, instead, you are able to move the head up and down a sliding rail. This is perfect for family households as it allows everyone to enjoy a comfortable shower because it can easily be adjusted to suit different heights. This is great for households with kids or simply people with different preferences. A shower slider is easier to install than you might think and many rails can be installed without the need for nails or hammering holes into the wall – usually, they can be positioned in place with an adhesive. If you want to install a shower slider without adhesive than you’ll no doubt find this nice and easy – they are super quick to install.

Fixed wall-mount fitting

Fixed fittings are one of the most common types of fittings that you’ll see. This is the traditional style of fitting that you’ll see in a lot of bathrooms. One of the advantages of them is that they are often the most affordable option and they are very easy to install. They often offer fairly basic water flow but some higher-end models will give you a lot of control over the water pressure.

Handheld fittings

A handheld fitting is another item that you may have seen in bathrooms. Similar to a shower slider, it will give you a fair bit of control over your shower but they don’t tend to be as popular because you need to hold onto them. Handheld fitting is very cost-effective and quite easy to install. They are great for people with mobility issues as they can be held over the body and allow people to comfortably shower even when in the sitting person.

Twin sets

Another thing you might come across in bathrooms are twin sets, or double fittings. Twin settings are extremely luxurious and great for couples who desire a resort-style bathroom. They will allow you to either enjoy water from both sides or take a shower with your partner without having to share the water stream.

The fitting you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, lifestyle and health needs. You should think about what you like and enjoy as this will help you narrow down what kinds of fittings suit you. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, you should speak to a local sales representative as they may be able to help you make a decision that works for you.

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