Challenges That A Supermarket Industry May Have To Face

Challenges That A Supermarket Industry May Have To Face

Challenges That A Supermarket Industry May Have To Face

There’s no slowing down of the trends that has gone by and neither the challenges that are going to come. Supermarkets are evolving and so are the daily necessities of life. Have a look at the challenges that one might have to face in the coming years;


  • Because the organic trend won’t slow down

This trend has just been rising since past 10 years or so. The Statista poll informs us that people buying organic products in 2016 were up to 52.6 million, whereas it increased up to 55 million in the year 2017. And not surprisingly, the charge is led by the millennials. But this rise can turn into an issue due to the diminishing resources, organic farmers and farmlands. As buyers are mostly considering organic things to buy for themselves and also their friends and families, the grocers will certainly have to find a way out in order to obtain such products in reasonable rate or take the risk of losing the fraction of organic lovers. That might alienate large number of millennials.


  • Busy routine and busy parents

man going to the grocery with his kid sitting in the push cart

This is a fact. Parents today are juggling with more responsibilities as compared to the older generation. They are busy with multiple jobs, degrees, education and also multiple kids. So it is no news if these couples are opting for online grocery shopping rather going themselves to the supermarket. However there are still many who want to experience it and they enjoy those trips, hence supermarkets can capitalize on this audience and make their trips more enjoyable.


  • Millennial who are socially conscious

Today, millennial are not only interested in the quality of the particular item they are purchasing but also its company or brand. So basically, during Woolies trading times, they think of buying a certain item, besides the thought of its price and quality they also consider questions like ‘if the company gives remuneration to workers or do they happen to be environment friendly? This can be good for small grocery retailers who value locally sourced, high quality goods along with employee satisfaction, but could be dangerous for large notorious corporations and their policies.


  • Voice search is making the noise

The voice search from Google and Amazon Alexa is gaining new heights. Now more people just want to raise their voice to it and not even lift a finger. They are taking convenience and comfort to another level and by 2020 half of the searches will be done through voice, as per the research of Site Visibility. This indicates that consumers want their experience to be streamlined and the supermarket will have to find a way to capitalize on that. Two big brands Walmart and Amazon are welcoming this change and so posing a threat to others.


  • Digital shopping and information

online grocery shopping

The older generation still prefer older means to rely on when it comes to gaining information regarding coupons or commercials. However, the younger lot prefer digital means for the same. Hence a supermarket can influence their purchasing decision through web browsing, digital couponing or online shopping. If this is not taken seriously in the coming years then it can be a threat to the retailers.




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