A Complete List Of The 5 British Sweets You Need To Try

A Complete List Of The 5 British Sweets You Need To Try

A Complete List Of The 5 British Sweets You Need To Try

There are some incredibly delectable and delightfully classic British shop sweets that exist in this wild world of ours. Those with whimsical desires of munching down on the flavours of their youth are in luck as Australia has been importing more British sweets than ever before and whether you’re an expat or a new fan of the decadent goodness from the British isles – there has never been an easier time finding the one’s that are right for you.

With so much to try and so little time, we decided to make it a little easier for you and scribble down the 5 most popular and most delectably tasty sweets you can get your hands on. 

The 5 British Sweets You Need To Try

  1. Galaxy Bars

One cannot have a sugary and delicious evening without tasting the classic and encompassing sweets that exist in the UK – the humble Galaxy chocolate bar. These are a staple in every household in the UK and have to be eaten to be believed. There is a flavour for every type of person, from classic dairy milk to orange or mint – the rich beautiful chocolate makes this a treat you won’t want to miss.  

  1. Yorkie Bars

Another famous chocolate that has its origins in York, the Yorkie is quintessential sweets across the country and are found in every off license and schoolbag lunch. The sheer delight in unwrapping the foil and finding the 6 bite-sized chunks of chocolatey goodness has us already considering running out to buy some. A list of classic sweets would simply be sub-par or non-existent without a mention of the Yorkie. 

  1. Vimto

While not technically a food – there is something to be said about cracking a nice cold sparkling Vimto on a hot summers day and tasting the saccharin taste of grapes, berries, and blackcurrants flow down the gob. You should definitely be including the fruity beverage in your must-try’s if you have not already done so. 

  1. Banoffee Fudge 

Fudge is synonymous with sweets even in the days before branding was a thing. There is something intrinsically British and irresistible about taking a long hard bite of Banoffee Fudge and letting the memories make themselves. The Banoffee flavour is especially British and should always be on the top of the list for anyone considering a foray into the sugary delights of the British Isles.

  1. Bonds Chocolate Eclairs

Rounding off the list is the brand that every Brit knows and is cascaded as one of the most spectacular and long-lasting British sweets – The Bonds Chocolate Eclairs. Anything from the Bonds brand will undoubtedly make a good impression, but for our money you cannot go past the classics. A long standing favourite in the country and now available for Aussie households everywhere, there really is no better example of a British staple than the Bonds brand which has been bringing the classics back in colourful packaging for a long time. 

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