10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Company

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Company

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Company

The evolution of the internet into the powerful and pervasive behemoth that it is today has brought with it many benefits and drawbacks. Of those benefits, increased access to accurate information within seconds has perhaps been its greatest achievement. Where would we be without Google Maps? Lost.

Today you are seen to be excluded from society; some would go as far as saying non-human, if you are not at least occasionally in contact with the so-called internet. Even your grandparents are telling you stories of how they asked Google such and such.

Meanwhile, the birth of online shopping was a watershed moment for business – if you can feature on the first page of search results, that is. Cue the rise of the best search optimization companies.

90 per cent of people don’t scroll past the first page of results on Google. The top 5 listings on a search results page attract 67 per cent of all clicks. It’s pretty important, then, that your business is listed at the top of the internet food chain.

Getting onto that hallowed initial results page, however, is often a task which businesses don’t specialize in. This is where outsourcing to the best search optimization companies becomes useful.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of engaging a digital marketing company:


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Save time

Advertising is time consuming. Offloading this duty to a third party as opposed to dealing with it directly means fewer tasks to divide your time between. You can rip out a few pages of your portfolio and focus on priorities for which your skills are more tailored. Whereas, a digital marketing company has the time because that’s what it specializes in. This also means that such an agency will likely spend more time on promotional tasks than what you would do yourself. Hence, an agency will create more advertising content on a wider range of platforms.


Expertise and Experience

Advertising is a high stakes game so experience and expertise pays. Employees within an online advertising agency are up-to-date with new skills, techniques and technology, and so they have better judgement of the current advertising climate and what techniques will work best for your business. Why take the burdensome task of gaining the knowledge yourself when you have affordable access to third party expertise?


One-man band

Now, you could hire several new staff members specializing in all bases of advertising (website landing pages, blog articles, PPC campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and SEO). Or you could hire one agency to fulfill the same goal. Certainly, the latter will be less time-consuming and more cost effective. Why hire dedicated in-house advertising staff, who will take time to adjust to your business and whom you will spend time searching for and overseeing their initiation, when you can offload to a third party with one bank transfer?


New perspective from an outsider

You may have confidence in your perspective of your business, but it’s never a bad thing to seek a second opinion. Hiring a third party will invite a fresh perspective on your business and its current advertising techniques, from which fruitful improvements could be made.


Keep up with competitors

Perhaps your competitors are using an digital marketing company. If so, they’re likely going to be ahead of the game. Don’t take that chance.



They care

A digital marketing company has an interest to keep you satisfied and so will be dedicated to producing results for you. You won’t have to question their motivation or determination.



Your messaging only works if it’s consistent. Using a digital marketing company makes it easier to keep advertising consistent and frequent. This will avoid confusing potential customers and you will be rewarded by Google in terms of your organic ranking.


You’re a small business

If you’re a small business, it’s not going to be practical or affordable to hire a whole team of staff dedicated to advertising, not least because it will be harder to attract the expertise. An agency is the more affordable option.


Meet deadlines

An digital marketing company is capable of meeting deadlines since advertising is their only priority, whereas it will naturally be harder for your business to since you will be juggling more duties.


Proven results

A digital marketing company can only survive for as long as it’s useful and producing results. Using a reputable and proven digital marketing company will provide your business with guaranteed results and within no time you will start to see the rewards in the form of increased website traffic, sales, and growth. They are the best way of ensuring your business is situated at the top of the internet food chain.


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